Where do you put a Nitrox Compressor when you have no where to put it?

Can you believe this Nuvair Voyager I compressor has been in operation since 2005? Supplying Nitrox for aquaculture diving in Australia, this machine sits on the operator’s mother ship, refilling storage cylinders with Nitrox mixes up to 40%.

Pro-Diving Services have many Voyager compressors operating throughout Australia and internationally in dive shops, commercial dive operations, government departments and the aquaculture industry.

The Voyager I compressor (previously known as the ST-9) has proven to be an economical and reliable system, producing both air and nitrox.

Two of our most recently dispatched Voyagers have been installed at Pro Dive Lord Howe Island, and Scuba Culture in Melbourne.

Pro-Diving Services are one of Nuvair’s oldest and longstanding distributors and have been fitting, servicing and supporting Nitrox compressors since 1997. Purchasing through Pro-Diving Services ensures quality national and international support through the Nuvair network.

Looking for a larger system? Pro-Diving Services have larger nitrox systems available and often off-the-shelf.







Full training in nitrox system management and operation is available at the Pro-Diving Services facility in Banksmeadow. Contact us directly for more information.