Introducing Pro-Diving Services’ latest division, “High Pressure Plus Asia Pacific“, which will be working closely with associated hyperbaric repair companies in defence-related industries.

Services will include:

  • supply and installation of HP specialty gas systems,
  • specialised machining of HP related fittings and,
  • supply and service of SCUBA systems for defence and law enforcement agencies


For more information contact us directly at info@prodivingservices.com


JUST IN:   Stainless steel repackable filter elements to suit Coltri/Nuvair MCH 13/16 compressors.

The filter kit includes:

  • stainless steel filter with cue lip
  • circlip plyers
  • 3 x mesh discs
  • tension spring
  • 3 x felt pads

$230.00 + GST








Spare pads and filter packing materials are available separately.

Pads  $2.00 + GST

2.5L Activated Carbon  $40 + GST

2.5L Molecular Sieve $80 + GST


For more information contact us directly at info@prodivingservices.com



We thought we’d start 2019 with a new working space.

ProDivingServices ServiceRoom 01

Our additional service room at the Pro-Diving Service’s Banksmeadow facility will enable us to expand into new areas of work and cater for the increasing work we have coming in. It incorporates our laminar flowbench, three ultra-sonic machines and specialised testing facilities to service equipment.

ProDivingServices ServiceRoom 03ProDivingServices Service Room 03


Bauer PE100 prodiving 02The PE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest compressor unit of the PE range. It’s suitable for a wide variety of applications, whether onshore or in vehicles, for diving groups, fire brigades or for filling cartridges for competition marksmen, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Due to its low weight, compact design and small dimensions, the PE 100 is easy to transport and fits comfortably into almost any car trunk.




single phase electric ~ 230V, 15A, 50Hz ~ P21 filtration – single fill hose 

manual filter drain ~ 100L/m output ~ 12 months warranty

Choose from 225 BAR or 300 BAR fill pressure when ordering (this will determine yoke/DIN connection)

For more information contact us directly on info@prodivingservices.com

Bauer PE100 prodiving 03.jpg



Just in! And it’s GONE already! This second hand, older series Capitano compressor on wheels, rolled out the door withing a week of rolling in! Ideal for a small dive shop or small commercial dive facility, this unit was in above-average condition.


  • Vertical configuration
  • 415V 3 phase electric
  • Start/Stop control box
  • Auto condensation drains
  • P61 filtration
  • Large master fill guage
  • Oil pressure guage
  • Hour meter
  • Large front mounted control and filter panel
  • Dual filling outlets with isolation valves
  • 2 fill hoses with fill control valves (choose DIN or yoke on purchasing)
  • Pressure stop switch

The unit came fully serviced with 3 months warranty ex the Pro-Diving Services facility.

$6500 +GST (export sale GST exclusive). Excellent value!


For all enquiries call Pro-Diving Services on +61 2 9316 4013 or email us at info@prodivingservices.com






Looking to increase your air or Nitrox  storage whilst minimising space?

Whilst existing stocks last, Pro-Diving Services are offering a special price for NEW  80L storage cylinders in batches of four

  Only 6 Systems Available

  • special production Worthington cylinders
  • 80L water capacity
  • 300 bar working pressure
  • fitted with DATO heavy duty Type II valves
  • current test certificates included
  • upper and lower wall strut and clamping included

Systems come complete with Type II connections and interconnecting pipework so all cylinders are joined together in a common air bank

Package price is $4300 +GST*


*shipping not included




Looking for a portable, hard working compressor? This second hand Junior II ticked all the boxes for affordability and reliability, and was snatched up quickly.

Priced for a quick sale at only $3700 +GST, this unit came with:

  • 6 months warranty ex works Banksmeadow
  • Spare P21 disposable discharge filter
  • DIN connection with yoke adapter
  • Operations manual
  • Half litre of spare compressor oil
  • Complementary training in use and operation at our facility

The compressor was a petrol model with a Honda engine and came fully-serviced prior to sale.

The JUNIOR II compressor is a product based on more than 60 years of experience and strict BAUER Quality Management. Due to its toughness and reliability the JUNIOR II is a global best seller, with more than 100,000 sold units world wide. Its small size, light weight portability and refined technology appeals especially to committed sports divers, who want a safe and reliable source of pure air, even in remote dive locations. Throw it in the boot and it’s good to go.

As of the 23rd of November 2018, Pro Diving Services will have a quantity of new Bauer Poseidon PE100 compressors in stock at reduced prices, including a demo unit priced for quick sale. For all enquiries about second hand or new compressors, call Pro-Diving Services on +61 2 9316 4013.


The Pro-Diving Services team have been busy preparing a 1.8 metre diameter twin lock chamber for a Queensland company, Rhino Dive, who operate Australia wide.

The chamber was fitted with a full communication system, upgraded plumbing and real time gas analysis. It was shipped in a 20ft shipping container with double bi-fold side opening doors allowing total access for operation and maintenance.

The chamber will be used in conjunction with Rhino Dive’s Nuvair Voyager IV Nitrox system. Not only does their Voyager supply high pressure air and Nitrox, it’s been modified to designate the internal low pressure compressor to pressurise the chamber; a major operational advantage for the company!


Pro-Diving Services technician, Jack Toy, has just returned from Snug Cove in Eden, having just serviced compressors for Bagwhan Marine.

Dedicated to the job, above and beyond the call of duty, Jack demonstrates his skill and flexibility in completing the tasks at hand…

The Bhagwan Dryden, a 57m ROV and air dive support vessel, has 2 compressors onboard. Both machines use 100% oxygen compatible MCG-1011 RP oil and provide breathing air and nitrox. The vessel also has two hyperbaric chambers, with the port side area dedicated to ROV operation . Jack also assures us the food is very good! #theimportantthings



The latest Voyager IV Plus is sitting at our Pro-Diving Services facility, ready to be shipped to a Western Australian aquaculture company.

This is a high output air and nitrox system we have customised; increasing output capacity by 20% and reducing nitrox production to a maximum of 36% to meet our customer’s requirements.

The system comes fitted out with CO2 scrubbers and CO2/O2 analysers, incorporates improved cooling and noise reduction and improved accessibility for easy servicing.

The new owners will undergo instruction in operation and general maintenance procedures at the Pro-Diving Services facility.

The Voyager IV has proven to be a “workhorse” system, providing high pressure air and high pressure nitrox. This system is of great benefit to commercial operators and dive shops. Click here to see our full range of compressors.