It was a call that James Reed, Pro-Diving Services Technician and Company Marketing Manager never expected.

With an amused grin, James strolled into Rick Poole’s office and said that we’d been asked to come up with a Life Support System to provide clean breathing air for the transportation of around 24 Gentoo penguins, including Steve, Genie and George. 


They would be travelling for 12 hours from Melbourne to Sydney and required a temperature controlled container with all the trimmings and comfort to which penguins are accustomed (but of course).

Rick said to James, “This will be interesting!”

James made a number of calls over the following days to find out more about the heavy breathing habits of penguins *wink* and started work on a system that would remove the excess CO2 from the container whilst at the same time inducing an oxygen top up into the container.

The loss of one or more of the penguins would have been a disaster – expensive as well (penguins are expensive little buggers)!

money-penguinsWe’re pleased to say no penguins were harmed in our engineering masterpiece, and our well-dressed feathery friends are enjoying their new home at Sydney Sea life Aquarium.

The attraction is the largest exhibit investment in Sydney Sea Life Aquarium’s 28-year history, and will be the world’s first ride-through penguin experience providing guests a unique opportunity to enter the world of sub-Antarctic penguins to discover all about their habitat.