Pro-Diving Services were appointed as distributors for Nemo’s Underwater Drills.

We believe these drills were not correctly pressure tested prior to leaving the Nemo factory as we’ve experienced an approximately

40% Failure Rate

Issues include (but aren’t limited to): O-rings incorrectly fitted to battery packs resulting in flooding, drills flooding, chucks seizing, drive shaft seizing and trigger control malfunction.

Nemo Underwater drill

Pro-Diving Services have received many emails from disappointed customers who have been left in strife on work sites with drills failing.

Not only have we replaced faulty drills we’ve sold , we’ve also replaced drills sold directly by Nemo on their behalf (at their request), and been left with 20 faulty drills and a number of faulty battery packs.

20161208_100011Pro-Diving Services will no longer be stocking Nemo products.