Pro-Diving Services are experienced in service and repairs to diving equipment, including the inspection and hydrostatic testing of cylinders, and YES! We offer our services to the general public (including cylinder fills).


Over the past 50 years we’ve provided quality service work to all sectors of the dive industry including recreational, commercial, scientific, military, law enforcement and rescue.


Whether it’s a dive regulator, BCD, full face mask, dry helmet or a specialised piece of equipment, our team will give you the best service. You can be assured of  quality work and a full documentation trail of your equipment.


Pro-Diving Services have been a fully approved Gas Cylinder Test Station since 1979. Cylinder testing, internal cleaning and valve servicing are done on site. Support spares are on hand for most valves. We can also provide external cylinder blasting and powder coating.


Service equipment at our facility includes;

combined test station ~ light machining capability ~ service support rooms ~ laminar flow bench ~ large scale pressure gauges ~ flow meters ~



When your life depends on your equipment, divers should expect quality work.


Our service department, test station and support facility undergo annual external audits  to ensure that we are meeting the highest current standards of the industry: safety and quality are always at the forefront of our business, as well as providing efficient service.


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