Has your compressor failed?

If you are one of our existing customers and require technical support please go through the following check list before contacting our office for support.
This information can be emailed or faxed to us so that we can evaluate your problem/s and hopefully get you operational until we can provide you with the parts and service in order to rectify the problem.

Please make sure you give us all of your contact details.

1. Make of compressor
2. Model of compressor
3. Type of drive. Electric / gas / diesel
4. Serial number of compressor
5. Auto stop fitted?
6. Auto condensate drains fitted?
7. Low oil alert fitted?
8. High temperature alert fitted.
9. Interstage pressure gauges fitted?
10. If so, interstage pressures shown
11. Oil pressure gauge fitted?
12. If so, oil pressure reading
13. Type of oil used
14. Last oil change?
15. Room temperature
16. Date of last service
17. Organisation that did last service
18. Current hour meter reading
19. Check drive belt tension
20. Briefly and honestly list the problem/s with the compressor and any
lead-up information that might assist us

NOTE: It’s important to have your PARTS & OPERATIONS MANUAL on hand when you call us.

You can also email us on: